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How To Earn Good Deeds From Videos?

In the name of Allah the most Gracious and most Merciful. Let me tell you how to earn millions of good deeds and Sadaqah Jariah from the videos you create.

( Video must be Islamic, to Spread Dawah, Reminders or Quran recitations, etc )

There are so many platforms available on our AppStore or Google PlayStore. Download any good of it and make an Islamic reminder video or Quran recitation video etc. After you have done creating your video. Save it and share it on social platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. Whenever anyone on or off-platform will watch your Islamic or Quranic video, you will be rewarded by Allah and that video will become sadaqah jariah for you.

As long as the peoples keep watching that video you will be continuously rewarded by Allah Almighty for spreading the message of Allah and Islam.

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