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What Are Sunnah Muakkadah And Ghair Muakkadah?

Sunnah mu'akkadah or "confirmed sunna" prayers, which Muhammad (ﷺ) "continuously performed and almost never abandoned" (according to tradition) ... Ghair mu'akkadah or "non-confirmed sunnas". These Muhammad (ﷺ) was not as fastidious in performing as he sometimes performed them "and sometimes abandoned" them.

Muakkadah and Ghair Maukkadah Prayers

Fajr: The first 2 rakaat of fajr prayers are Muakkadah, 2 rakaat farz

Zohr: First 4 rakaat sunnah Muakkadah, 4 rakaat farz, 2 rakaat sunnah muakkadah, 2 rakaat nafl

Asr: First 4 rakaat Ghair Muakkadah, 4 rakaat farz

Maghrib: First 3 rakaat farz, 2 rakaat Maukkadah, 2 rakaat nafl

Isha: First 4 rakaat Ghair Muakkadah, 4 rakaat farz, 2 rakaat sunnah Maukkadah, 2 rakaat nafl, 1 or 3 rakaat wajib and two rakaat nafl

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